Frans Oilinki(彌提智)之彌勒淨土-永生家園

The house is situated in a pine tree forest, in a mountain slope, close to a lake. The air is comfortably cool, fresh and easy to breathe. The water in the lake is very clean, and acts as an energy storage with a high-tech protection system (red laser beam net activates in presence of intrusions). On the mountain top there is sensitive antenna to receive communication from far distance. There are also guarding towers made with black strong wood.


There are people patrolling in the forest to help keep it healthy and to deal with any unexpected events. There are also fairies and animals living there; they are participating in the care and protection of the environment for the exchange of having a comfortable place to live and develop themselves. In farther vicinity, there are warriors with ancient Chinese style armor ensuring peace.


The outside of the house looks modest, but very modern. It is made of high quality dark-colored massive wood and thick strong glass-like material which can change its transparency according to external conditions. Inside, a light colored wood emits purifying fragrance which creates a kind of energizing force field. There are delicate decorations carved in the wood.

There is also fine art objects including statues and paintings (some paintings appear in monochrome, kind of brownish color because they have not yet been “kai guang" (開光)). There are big information screens on the walls with updates on what is happening in different places and spaces. The information

screens are normally almost invisible, unless there is something important going on, but if they sense attention they respond by becoming more visible and vivid; they can be controlled telepathically.


Work room has a beautiful view to the lake. There is a large table. I observed my “Fashen" (法身) doing research on sound and organizing some multi-instrument music compositions. There are papers with complicated music notation in the table. When paying attention to particular part of the notes the music can be heard in the air and also a dance of colors can be seen and felt.


For refreshment, cleaning, and healing, there is a room with powerful white light. This light also can be used as a power source and a gateway to travel across the spaces. This same light also powers some “fazi" (法器)  – both healing and attacking kind – during fights in different spaces.


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